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Psychosocial Assessment

Client centered evaluation that includes medical, behavioral health, financial, social and legal considerations.  The assessment offers a picture of needs and informs the care manager in a holistic way to identify strengths and gaps.

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Short-term and Ongoing Care Management

Care manager works in conjunction with client and significant others to identify needs, pursue solutions and implement the care plan. Cooperatively optimize health, safety and compliance to enhance quality of life.

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Resource Navigation

Strengthen aging in place by identifying the best options and resources and coordinating those services. This may include targeting medical, legal and local resources to identify the needs for aging in place.

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Community Living and Facility Based Care Management

Provide oversight and check-in’s, advocacy. Overall coordination includes but not limited to; attending doctor’s appointments, regular check-in’s, care planning, and communication with Power of Attorney, Trust Officers or family as needed.


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Family Consultation and Supporting Difficult Conversations

Family estrangements and relationship conflicts are common. During stressful events these differences may be highlighted. Mediation and conversation towards resolution can be lead and supported in a open and directive manner.

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Proactive Planning Assessment

A structured, goal oriented conversation to identify lifestyle preferences and meet personal objectives.  Review of documents and finances while planning for future needs, which may include end of life preferences.

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Caregiver Coaching

Problem solving strategies strengthen the caregiver by implementing local resources, services and counseling tailored for your needs.

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